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Mpilo Transport & Ambulance

Our Ambulance service play a vital role in saving lives. Its primary purpose is to transport the sick or injured people sfrom the emergency scene to the hospital. To meet the demands of different medical situations, the functions of our ambulance service is broadened. Our department can provide medical standby and first-aid coverage in events including private functions, corporate events, major sporting events such as triathlons, marathons etc. The ambulance service team includes an ambulance technician and paramedic. They are well-trained in first-aid skills in order to deal with cardiac arrests, profuse bleeding, road accidents, crush and fall injuries, and much more. Paramedics determine if the casualty has to be taken to the hospital or can be treated on the emergency scene. Ambulances are equipped with pre-hospital emergency machines to give temporary medical assistance as what hospitals can offer. Ambulance service is not only available in ground but also by air. Air ambulance is used if the patient has to be transported over a long distance or has to be quickly brought to a treatment centre. We can avoid emergency situations by being careful in our actions and by frequently having medical check-ups. However, we cannot fully control our life so accidents may still happen. In cases that immediate medical assistance are highly needed, we can rely on those who offer ambulance service.